Live The Magic Of Villa InCanto

Immersed In The Scene, Live The Opera As Protagonist


Opera Lirica a Ancona

A new and exciting way to experience Opera Lirica, set up in exclusive and elegant spaces in the style of the musical lounge, where the proximity of artists to the public amplifies emotions and makes it look real. Famous masterpieces of opera in touching opera reviews performed by established singers who perform in sought-after costumes with piano accompaniment. The wise direction of M° Riccardo Serenelli maintains intact the integrity and grandeur of the plot, restoring emotional strength and fullness, capturing the audience for about an hour and a quarter of representation.

Words of order “emotion”, meticulously sought after in every moment of the opera thanks to the interpretative skills of the artists who are guided and prepared by the Maestro to go beyond pure technicality to transmit emotions and pour them into the public. And it is immediately empathy and catharsis, unique moments at Villa InCanto. The cultural association “Villa InCanto” by M° Riccardo Serenelli, located in Recanati and Verona, is the starting point of the event.

Opera lirica
cantanti lirici


There are special occasions that we want to share with friends and relatives: dinners, birthdays, weddings. These are very important moments, which we would like to remain unique in the memory of our guests. Our projects are born for this reason. In addition to the very high level of our singers (some of them tread stage such as the “Scala” in Milan and others among the most famous Italian and foreign theatres), Villa InCanto offers a unique entertainment. You’ll drinki the famous Dulcamara elixir, you’ll find yourself toasting with Violetta Valery and much more. Our secret is the interaction that is created between singers and guests, who are no longer just spectators but the direct protagonists. Here is the magic of the opera experienced in first person with an emotional involvement, unique in its kind.


A unique, experimental and innovative opportunity, with the possibility of creating a work with elements chosen by the client, such as scenographies and music, what we call “Tailor su Misura”, a work completely created ad hoc for our clients.

We give them the opportunity to determine the insertion of the various elements and participate actively in the realization of a work by choosing the study of the project, the scenographic architecture, the lights, the choice of artists, the quintet, the orchestra, the ballet, the costumes and makeup, the equipment, the piano, the board and lodging of artists, the rehearsals and the dressing rooms. This is a unique way of bringing people closer to opera.

opere liriche
concerti lirici


Arias, duets and ensemble texts in scenic form, concerts unique in their conception, performances that retrace themes and historical periods, such as: “L’opera buffa”, “L’amore nell’opera” e “Le dive”.


Villa Incanto, always with a view to spreading the passion for the art of opera and to bring children closer together, has been involved for years in top level school projects, organizing shows for children that combine fun and learning even among the youngest.

lirica per bambini

Emotions enter our heart…. the driving force of opera.